the ionic conductance of h+and so4-- are x and ys cm^2 mol^-1. hence equivalent conductivity of h2so4 is   1)2x+y/2  2)x+y/2   3)x/2+y    4)x/2+y/2

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According to Kohlrausch's Law, the value of equivalent conductance for an electrolyte at infinite dilution is the sum of the contribution of the equivalent conductances of its constituent ions.

For AxBy type electrolyte,AxBy xA+y + yB-xλeq=1zλA+1z-λB. where Z and Z- are the charges on the cation and anion respectively.For H2SO4, from the given data, λH+=x ,  λSO42-=y , z for H+=1, z for SO42-=2λH2SO4 =11x+12y=x+y2=Equivalent conductivity of H2SO4
Thus, the correct answer is option (b).

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