The longest side of a right angled triangle is 125m and one of the remaining two sided is 100m.Find its area using Heron's formula.

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longest side of right triangle is 125mso, hypotenuse=125mLet one side be xOne of remaining side=100mThen according to Pythagoreous theorem, we have;x2+1002=1252x2=1252-1002x2=5625x=75So, perimeter of triangle=100+125+75=300msemiperimeter of triangle;s=3002=150mSo using Heron's formula we have;area of triangle=ss-as-bs-c=150×150-100150-75×150-125=150×50×75×25=3×50×50×25×3×25=50×25×3=3750 m2

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your question is wrong because sum of triangle is 180° and their you have given 100 and 125m
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3750 sq m
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