The loving mother question answer

"The Loving Mother" is about a mother’s love for her child. It talks about how a mother’s spirit is not in peace after leaving behind a small child. Even after the death the mother comes back to the child in order to look after her. Since it talks about spirit and ghost it is a supernatural story.

Shoji Sakota is a pharmacist in Sapporo, a city in northern part of Japan. He lives alone in an apartment behind the drugstore. His wife has died earlier. The building being the same he sometimes works till late. One stormy night Shoji Sakota is busy preparing his annual business report. At about midnight there is a knock at the door. He ignores the knock and goes back to his work. When there is s knock for second time he thinks it could be the wind. The knock is louder next time and he goes towards the door thinking that it could be an emergency. He turns on the light and is surprised to see a young woman standing there. Thinking that it might be a trick to rob him he doesn’t open the door. Rather, he says that the pharmacy will be opened at 8 o’clock next morning.
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