The moon is acted by gravitational pull on earth , still it does not fall on the earth. Explain why ? Determine the ratio of weight of an object of mass 50 kg on earth and on moon.(thake gearth = 10 m per second square ) ( gearth = 6gmoon )

Earth attracts moon but moon still does not falls towards earth. However, the direction of moon is changed at every instant. SO, this results in centripetal force and binds moon around earth in a fixed path.

We=Weight of object on earth =50 Kg

Wm=Weight of object on moon

Gravityon earth=6*Gravity on moon

So,Gravity on moon=1/6 Gravity on moon




Mass remains same everywhere.

So, Wm=Mass*Gravity


Wm=8.33 Kg

Now, We:Wm=50:8.33 = 6:1

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Earth exerts centripetal force on the moon due to which moon moves in a circular path around earth.

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