The number of digits in the square root of a number having 7 digits is

In a square root the number of digits are never less than half of  the number but can be more than that, e.g. in sq root of 13 digit number...number of digits is 7.The number of digits in the square root of a number having n digits is n2 for even number of digits. and n+12 for odd number of digits.Therefore, the number of digits in the square root of a number having 7 digits is 7+12=82=4 digits.                                                                                     

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sorry syeda question is not clear
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options shall i give
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a)3          b)4                c)2               d)1
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the formula for finding the number of digits in a certain no having n digits is n/2 for even no of digits and (n+1)/2 for odd no of digits
so as we see 7 is an odd no so no of digits in the square root of 7=(n+1)/2
therefore no of digits in the square root of no having 7 digits is 4
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b) 4
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