The oscillating electric field of an electromagnetic wave is given by: Ey =30 sin [6 x1010 t + 200𝜋x] V/m a. Obtain the value of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave. b. Write down the expression for the oscillating magnetic field. c. Give the direction of propagation of the wave. 

Dear Student,
Equation of electromagnetic wave is Ey = 30sin(6 × 1010t + 200πx) , here it is clear that wave propagated in negative x direction. 
[ As you know, when equation like Y = Asin(ωt + kx) , then it means wave move in negative x direction ] 

compare given equation with E = E₀sin(ωt + kx)
Then, E₀ = 30 

we know, 
B₀ = E₀/c where c is speed of light 
B₀ = 30/3 × 10⁸ 
= 10⁻⁷ T
so, equation of magnetic field is B = 10⁻⁷sin(6 × 1010t + 200πx).


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