The peddler believed that the whole world is a did he himself get caught in the same

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​​​​​During one of his usual plodding, the peddler thought on the subject of rattraps. It presented him with
the idea of the world being a rattrap and he grew fond of thinking this way. After stealing the money,
the peddler tried to escape through the forest but soon got lost. Left in despair, he recollected his own
thoughts on the world being a giant rattrap. A sudden realization came to him that he had finally got
himself caught in the rattrap because he allowed himself to be tempted by the bait, the thirty kronor
bills. Similarly, on his way to the ironmaster's home, he felt himself caught in the trap.
He was again haunted by such thoughts when the ironmaster, on realizing the truth about the peddler,
threatened to get him arrested. The rattrap seller expressed himself strongly realizing that the worldly
bait had, once more, tempted and trapped him.


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the peddler believed that the whole world is a trap. when he saw 30 knonor notes (actually bait) of crofter attracted him. next morning when crofter left he also left at same time and returned after half an hour to stole money. after stealing he went into forest to escape but got lost and realised that it was a trap and he was caught in it and could not escape.

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The peddler believed that the whole world is rattrap how did he himself get caught in the rattrap
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6 mark question!!!!!!!!
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Peddler believed that the whole world is a rattrap. He himself get caught in the same when he saw 30 kronors banknotes of crofter that attracted him. The next day when both men left the cottage at the same time. But after an hour later, the rattrap peddler stood again at window. He smashed a pane & got hold of the pouch. He took the money. After stealing he went into the forest to escape. It was not safe to walk on the public highway. He turned off the road into the forest. Later in the day he lost the way. It was a big & confusing forest. And he realized that it was a trap & he caught in it & couldn't escape
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