the position of india in respect to asia and europe and highlight its importance?

India is located in southern part of Asia. As such, it is bounded by land on its northern end and oceans on all three sides giving it, the longest coastline, worldwide.
India lies to the southeast of Europe. About 90 million years ago, the Indian plate had broken off from the Gondwanaland and collided with the Eurasian plate. This merging of the two plates created the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau.
India is very strategically placed and there are seven countries that share land boundaries with India (in Asia). Some of these countries were part of the British India colony too, in the earlier days.

Europe lies towards the west of India. The first trade link between India and Europe was established when the Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama discovered the route between the two regions in 1498. With this discovery, it not only enabled the Portuguese to initiate trade and later colonial empire in Asia, but several other European countries also followed suit.


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