The question is: divide a line segment 6 cm long in the ratio of 4:3. Prove your assertion . I drew this diagram but how will i prove it ? PLS TELL ME HOW TO PROVE THIS ?? ! DONT TELL ME TO CORRECT MY CONSTRUCTION AS ITS ALREADY CORRECT 

Dear Student,

You can prove your assertion in following ways.

Method 1:- from the diagram it is evident that line A-A4 is parallel to line B-B3
‚Äčtherefore A=B (corresponding angles)BCB3=ACA4 (Vertical opposite angles)hence by AA, ACA4 and BCB3 are similiarin similiar traingles the sides are proportionateA-A4B-B3=ACBCas length of A-A4=4 cmlength of B-B4=3 cmthus ACBC=43
Method 2-

as the line AB is to be divided into ratio 43
hence length of AC= 47×6=247=3.4
length of BC= 

If we measure the length of AC and BC it should match with above values.


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