the radii of the two circles are 4cm and 3cm. find the radius of the circle whose area is equal to the sum of the areas of the two circles. also find the circumference 

of its circle.

 Let   R=4cm  &   r=3cm        Let the required radius be R'

Area of the circle with radius R = piR2    


                                                        =16pi cm2

Area of the circle with radius r = pir2


                                                       =9pi cm2

Therefore the area of the circlr with radius R' = area of circles with radius r + area of circle with radius R

      piR' =16pi + 9pi

pi R' 2= pi [16+9]

{ pi gets cancelled }

R'=25            R' = 5cm

Therefore the new radius is 5cm


                           =2 x 22/7 x 5

                           =31.42 cm          [aprox]

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its very easy

let the radii of first circle be r1=4cm

and radii of another circle be r2=3cm.

Area of first circle=2πr1




Area of second circle=2πr2



ATQ [According to given condition]

Area of first circle+Area of second circle=Area of bigger circle




Radius of bigger circle=7cm

Its circumfrence=2πR




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