The rate of a gaseous reaction is given by the expression k[A][B]. If the volume of the reaction vessel is suddenly reduced to 1/4 th of the initial volume, the reaction rate relating to original rate will be:
a. 1/10
b. 1/8
c. 8
d. 16

AS rate =K[A][B] where [A] = conc of A
[B] = conc. of B

conc. = no of moles / volume

therefore we decrease the volume of vessel to1/4 th intial volume .the conc of A  and  B  both will increase by 4 times { conc is inversely propotional to volume } .
so final conc of A will become = 4[A]
final conc of B will become = 4[B]

final rate of rxn = k{4[A]*4[B] }
                          = 16k[A][B]
                          = 16 {intial rate of rxn}

so te correct option is D

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Yes the method is right
But quite a lengthy one.
It can be more simplified the question doesn't come for more than two or three marks
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Hope this will help

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