the rate of diffusion of liquids is higher than that of solids. why?

because the particles of solids are completely packed to each other and hence they do not vibrate more as compared to the particles of liquids. the particles of liquids are little far from each other and hence they diffuse faster.

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In the liquid state, particles move freely,the particles are not closely packed they can slip and slide on each other and have greater space between them as, compared to solids.

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because the particles of liquid are loosely packed and there is intermolecular space between them and so they intermix with other particles and hence theor rate of diffysion is high . and in solid the particles are tightly packed and so no intermolecular space and low rate of diffusion.

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Rate of diffusion of liquids is higher than that of solids because solids have more inter particle space which allows them to move freely and thus they diffuse more faster.

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Rate o diffusion in liquids is higher than solids because liqiuds have more intermolecular space tahn solids. This allows the liquids the to move faster and thus liquids diffuse faster

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Because inter particular space is more in liquid a compared to solids.And this allow the particles of liquid  to move faster  

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The force of attraction between the particles of liquid are less than that of solid.The intermolecular distance between the particles of liquid is more than that of solid.The kinetic energy of particles of liquid are more than that of particles of solid.
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The rate of diffusion of liquids is higher than of solids. This is due to the fact that in the liqud state, particles move freely and have greater spaces between each other as compared to particles in the solid state.
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This is because the intermolecular space of liquid is more than that of solids.this allows the particle of liquid moves faster and diffuses faster.
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* The reason for taking place of diffusion faster in liquids as comapred to solids is that there are strong forces of attraction between particles of solids so they cant so as they are closely packed whereas in liquids there is a force of attraction but force is not as strong as they are in solids and in liquids the particles are much more far away to each other and the distance between liquid particles is more than sustance between solid particles
* so diffusion is faster in liquids as compared to solids....
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