The Salt Story

From: The New Indian Express 9 March 2021The salt pans in Marakkanam, a port town about 120 km from Chennai are the third-largest producer of salt in Tamil  Nadu. Separation of salt from water is a laborious process and the salt obtained is used as raw materials for the manufacture of various sodium compounds. One such compound is Sodium hydrogen carbonate, used in baking, as an antacid, and in soda acid fire extinguishers. The table shows the mass of various compounds obtained when 1 litre of seawater is evaporated-

What is the pH of the acid which is used in the formation of common salt?

A. Between 1 to 3

B.Between 6 to 8

C. Between 8 to 10

D.Between 11 to 13

Dear StudentCommon salt is NaCl, which is a salt of strong acid and strong base.It is obtained by the reaction of strong acid (HCl) and strong base (NaOH).pH of strong acid is between 1 to 3.So, pH of HCl used in formation of common salt is between 1 to 3.Option A is correct.Regards

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