the seeds of disintegration has always been at its peak. discuss

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a. Social differences in terms of disparate languages, religions, castes and sub castes are characteristic features of every society.
b. The social differences existing in the society can be attributed to many factors like birth , a person may be born as a male or female, leading to biological differences.

 c. If social differences in a society overlap with each other it may lead to social division and if one social difference is given preference then people would begin to think that they belong to different community. For example, dalits in India are poor, landless and also victims of caste system
d.   People In such a a case develop a feeling that they belong to different community all together having different interests which are not probably recognised and and are denied by the other community. 
e. Such a situation creates a possibility of deep social conflict between communities.

f. Further  The way such divisions gets reflected in politics determine whether it is a disintegrating force or a unifying force 
 g.. The relationship between social divisions and politics is determined by the attitude of the government towards such differences .For example, .Any attempt to impose majority language, culture ,religion is surely detrimental to the interest of the society at large and causes much of the violence, turmoil and eventually may lead to the disintegration of the country.
 h. Any attempt by the political leadership to pit one group against the other may lead to strife, conflict. We may give example of communal riots, use of religious symbols in India.
It may also lead to disintegration of country, one can give example of Yugoslavia where political competition along religious and ethnic lines brought about its disintegration
 j. However , a positive attitude towards such differences acts as a unifying force and accommodates diversity. For example India,  while dealing with linguistic diversity has been cautious enough to accommodate diverse interest so as to prevent balkanisation of the country. Linguistic reorganisation of the states can be seen in this context.There have also been conflicting claims with regard to our federal structure. Main point of contention has been with regard to distribution of power and resources amongst the states.
Political analyst argue that giving more powers to the states will make them more powerful  and  then they are likely to demand secessionism leading to disintegration. 
 l. ‚ÄčIt will create further demands more and more groups have already  come up demanding power sharing, recognition of their interests. We may give example of ethnic conflict in the Nagaland region, Manipur region, demanding greater autonomy, even secessionism.
m.  Thus how these conflicting claims are approached by the political leadership determines the success of our federalism.
. Government has to accommodate diversity, has to resolve conflicting interests in which government may not be able top appease all the social groups while may pacify some.



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