The significance of reading an autobiography lies in drawing lessons from another life. What is the significance of Kumudini's account for us as readers?

We as readers can understand many core issues of life by going through the account of Kumudini. Her training in dance in her initial years teach us the lesson that learning any art form requires dedication and hard work. It needs rigour to acquire the skills. Her account of going to the dance teacher's house show her sheer dedication to the art.

We can know about the value of discipline when Kumudini talks of her teachers in Queen Mary's college, Lahore. According to Kumudini, discipline in one's daily routine does bring discipline in thinking. This is really inspiring for the readers.

Kumudini's account of her days with guru Ram Gopal is inspiring. We can learn the lesson that one needs to perfect the technique with which one begins to experiment.

Her account teaches us that one should learn to adjust with a group of different personalities as in a family and a performance on the stage.

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