The sport of hunting is a status symbol for people in authority. How far does the story 'The Tiger king' prove this statement. What does this tell you about these people ~~(We are being told to write a 6 mark ans. to this question , substantiating it with facts from the story as well as general observations both.)

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Here is a sample answer for your reference, you may elaborate upon the same:

Yes, it is true that hunting is a status symbol for people in authority and the story Tiger King proves this statement. In the story we come across a king who bans hunting of tigers but only for the sake of his own self, he did not do it for the betterment of the poor animal but because he wanted to kill them all alone. He took up a challenge of hunting a hundred tigers and could also manage to kill ninety-nine of them all because of his status. This tells us that human beings are selfish as well as extremely proud of their status and power, they do not feel that it is wrong to harm innocent animals for the sake of their pride or entertainment.


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