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Franz was a student who loved spending the day outdoors rather than in classroom. He was fascinated by the bright sunshine, chirping birds and liveliness of nature. He was not much interested in studies and hated to attend the French class.
He was scared of his teacher M. Hamel because Franz never learnt his lessons.
But, his views about the French language and M. Hamel changed on the day of the last French lesson. On that day, M. Hamel very patiently preached that one should never waste time or keep postponing important things for the next day. He also said that it would be very shameful when the Germans would make fun of them because they did not know French language despite of being Frenchmen. M. Hamel went on to call French the most beautiful, clear and logical language of the world. 

Franz’s change of views is evident when he feels as if the books that seemed to be a nuisance before were old friends he could never give up and the moment the thought came into his mind that he would never see M. Hamel again, it made him forget about his ruler and how cranky he was. Throughout the class, Franz paid attention and he was very sad that it was the last lesson.  


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Franz was the student who was asked to learn the the rules of participles as home work, as M.hamel usually give him punishment thats why there was not any positive thinking of franz towards him.after studying the chapter we can comment that as per franz M hamel have following changes:-

1. when franz reaches to the class room then he was welcomed by his teacher in more plesant way.
2. that particular day  was apears to be sunday as no noise was therein class room.
3. firstly he thought that french is bad language but after watching the feeling of teacher with it his thought changes.
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