there are 20 divisions in 4 cm of the main scale the vernier scale has 10 divisions the least count of the instrument
1) 0.05cm 2) 0.5cm 3) 5.0cm 4) 0.005cm

Dear student,
Vernier caliper's least counts formula is calculated by dividing the smallest reading of the main scale with the total number of divisions of the vernier scale.
As given in the question,
In the main scale, 20 divisions in 4 cm or 40 mm.
So, the smallest reading of the main scale will be, 40/20 mm or 2 mm.
Now, there are 10 divisions in the vernier scale, so the least count will be,
LC= 2mm/10= 0.2 mm or 0.02 cm.
Please re-check the options as they do not match.

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