there are two families M and N . there are 2 men , 2 women, and 4 childern in family N . and 4 men , 6 women and 2 children in family M . there commended daily allowance for calories is child : 1800, women : 1900 and man : 2400 and for protiens is man :55gm, woman : 45gm and child :33gm. using matrices algebra, calculate the total requirement of protiens and calories for each of the famlies ?

Let N=224 and M=462

Let C and P respectively represent the calorie intake and protein intake for man, woman and child.

Then, C=240019001800  and  P=554533

So, NC and MC respectively represent the total calorie intake for families N and M,
and, NP and MP â€‹respectively represent the total protein intake for families N and M.

Thus, total calorie intake for family N​=NC=224×240019001800=2×2400+2×1900+4×1800=15800

Total calorie intake for family M=MC=462×240019001800=4×2400+6×1900+2×1800=24600

Total protein intake for family N=NP=224×554533=2×55+2×45+4×33=332 grams
Total protein intake for family M=MP=462×554533=4×55+6×45+2×33=556 grams

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