There is an exhibition of handicraft items in Panaji,Goa. Prepare a poster inviting people to see the exhibition. Give a suitable title to the poster.
Please provide the complete answer if possible and not just the key points.

Dear Student,
Such questions improve your self-creativity and should be answered by your own.
​​​​​​ However, the following points may help you complete your answer:

- Posters can be made attractive by adding colorful, unique and informative images.
- Don't describe the whole matter on the poster, rather be precise and put necessary information about your subject in points.
- Draw a boarder and keep the text and images well aligned.
- The flow of the matter should be proper and understandable. 
- For your query, the title can be " Handmade from Silk city", "Handmade beauties", "Art and craft by Noah", "Not just craft", "Art and craft and more"

Hope this helps.


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