Third point of imbibition is not cleared.

please elaborate it

Imbibition is the phenomenon of adsorption of water or any other liquid by the solid particles of a substance without forming a solution.

In imbibition the molecules of water or any other liquid (i.e. imbibate) are held in between or over the surface of solid substances (i.e. imbibants) through the process of capillarity or by the force of adsorption (i.e. sticking to the surface)

It is the initial step in germination of the seeds as they don’t have any structure for absorption of water then. When mature seeds are soaked in water at room temp, they imbibe water and swell. Water is imbibed first by seed coat and then by other tissues of embryo and endosperm. Thus, the process is very important as it initiates seed germination. In case of roots, the water is first absorbed by the walls of root hairs which is then absorbed by the root hair.


So, with that discussion you must have got that imbibition is a form of diffusion and diffusion always occur along the concentration gradient .

Whether adsorption or imbibition of liquid would occur or not it depends upon affinity between adsorbent(imbibant) and liquid being adsorbed(imbibate). Suppose if we paint wood with paint then the water would not have affinity for solidified paint on the surface of wood, so imbibition would also not occur.

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 yes, please explain imbibition! No clear!

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