Three circles each of radius 7cm arc drawn in such way that each of them touches the other two. Find the enclosed between the circles .

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Hi Vikram!
Here is the answer to your question.
The given information can be represented using a figure as:
Radius of each circle is 7 cm
Thus, side of each side of the triangle ABC is 7 cm + 7 cm = 14 cm
∴ ABC is an equilateral triangle

Thus the enclosed area between the circles = Area of DABC – sum of area of sectors
Hope! This will help you.

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 hey make it clear....what to find...

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Hey.....Its easy .Sice thy touch each othr thy wil form an equi. tria with side 14cm ....So fnd the area of triangle and the 3 sectors fornd wid angle 60 and subtract .u'll get ur ans.........

 the diag. wil be smthng lke ignore the tria. outside the tria. wil be formd by joining radius!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the triangle formed inside the circle     joining the radius but i failed to solve it 

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plz solve it ........

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abe hup tere se itna bhi nahi hua


sun pehle

 Area of remaining part = area of triangle - 3(area of sector)

sove karde

hope it helps u

if it does then pllz thumbs karna nahi toh pitega.. 

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the answer is 11.17 cm2..

if it will right then plzzz thumbs... ab toh kar dena nahi toh school baat nahi karunga..

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