Three girls Reshma, Salma and Mandip are playing a game by standing on a circle of radius 5 m drawn in a park. Reshma throws a ball to Salma, Salma to Mandip, Mandip to Reshma. If the distance between Reshma and Salma and between Salma and Mandip is 6 m each, what is the distance between Reshma and Mandip?

[{i have read the solution for this but i am not understanding}]




Let A denotes position of Reshma, B denotes position of Salma and C denotes position of Mandip.


AB = BC = 6 m and 

OA = OB = OC = 5 m (radius)


Draw perpendiculars OM and ON on AB and BC respectively.


OM2 + AM2 = OA2

OM2 + (3)2 = (5)2

OM2 = (25 − 9) m2 = 16 m2

OM = 4 m


OABC will be a kite (OA = OC and AB = BC). 


As, we know that the diagonals of a kite are perpendicular and the diagonal common to both the isosceles triangles is bisected by another diagonal.


∴∠AXB will be of 90° and AX = XC


Area of ΔOAB = 


∴the distance between Reshma and Mandip = 9.6 m

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