Three schools x, y and z organized a fete (mela) for collecting funds for flood victims in which they sold hand-held fans, mats and toys made from recycled material , the sale price of each being ₹25, ₹100, ₹50 respectively. The following table shows the number of articles of each type sold:
Articles school. x. Y Z
Hand-held fans. 30. 40. 35
Mats. 12. 15. 20
Toys. 70. 55. 75
using matrices , find the funds collected by each school by selling the above articles and the total funds collected . Also write any one value generated by the above situations .

The number of article sold by each school can be written in the matrix form as, X = 304035121520705575The cost of each article can be written in the matrix form as follows:Y = 2510050The fund collected by each school is given by, YX=2510050 304035121520705575=750+1200+35001000+1500+2750875+2000+3750=545052506625Thus the fund collected by school A,B and C are Rs. 5450, Rs. 5250Rs.6625 , respectively.Total fund collected = Rs. 5450+5250+6625=Rs 17,325

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