to construct a triangle to a given triangle ABC with sides 8/5 of the corresponding sides of triangle ABC, draw a ray BX such that angle CBX is an acute angle and X is on the opposite side of A with respect to BC. the minimum number of points to be located at equal distances on ray BX is -----------------

a) 13 b) 8

explain the answer plzzzz.

what would the answer be if ratio was 5/8 instead of 8/5 ?


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Steps of  constructing  a triangle similar to the given triangle ABC with sides 85 of the corresponding sides of triangle ABC .
1)After drawing triangle ABC ,draw an acute angle CBX below BC .
2)Along BX ,mark off 8 points at equal distances .
3) Join B5 to  C and draw a line B8  parallel to B5C intersecting BC extended at C'.
4) Draw a line through C' parallel to CA intersecting BA extended at A'.
Thus A'BC' is the required triangle .

ABC~A'BC'ABA'B=ACA'C'=BCBC'But BCBC' =BB5BB8=58Hence BCBC'=85 and thus A'BAB=A'C'AC=BC'BC=85

Now if the ratio is 58 instead of 85 then also you have to mark off 8 points but the difference is that in this case you have to join B8 to C

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