To obtain salt from sea water which method is better evaporation or crystallisation? why?

To separate salt from sea water evaporation is carried out followed by sedimentation as follows :

The separation/extraction of salt from salty  water is done through following process.
1. Evaporation: is done to boil of water present in it and then mixture of salt and sand is left.
2: Condensation : Water is collected separately by condensing vapours .

Example- Mixture of sand and salt.

Sedimentation is the process of separating particles of different densities . Thus, these two mixtures are dissolved in water. Now the particle of higher density sinks off and settles down in the container. The salt remains in the water layer and this water can be decanted and  water is boiled off to collect the salt .

Evaporation is better method than crystallisation because it can be performed at the large scale with less cost in purification process and  also the salt is obtained in more purified state than through crystallisation.

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crytallisation, it is becoz it produced pure form of nacl.

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