To which group does PPLD belong to? Give their features.

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The correct term is PPLO which is an acronym for Pleuro-Pneumonia Like Organisms.
It is referred to the mycoplasma. It is responsible for causing Pleuropneumonia of cattle, thus its name PPLO.
  • Kingdom: Bacteria
  • Phylum: Firmicutes
  • Class: Mollicutes
  • Order: Mycoplasmatales
  • Family: Mycoplasmataceae
  • Genus: Mycoplasma
Features of PPLO are:
  • They are aerobic, prokaryotic and unicellular.
  • They are extremely minute organisms with 0.3-0.9 micrometers of diameter.
  • The cell is devoid of cell wall therefore it is found in variety of irregular shapes- ring like, pear shaped, etc.
  • Genetic material is composed of both RNA and DNA but RNA's composition is more.
  • They are usually non-motile.
  • They reproduce vegetatively by binary fission or budding.
  • They are classified into three types:
  1. Mycoplasma: requires cholesterol for growth and are found in plants, animals.
  2. Acholeplasma: does not require cholesterol and are found in sewage water.
  3. Thermoplasma: does not require cholesterol and are found in hot springs.
  • They are responsible for causing several diseases:
  1. Plants: Strip disease in sugarcane
  2. Animals: Pleuropneumonia of cattle
  3. Humans: Infertility in man and inflammation of genetalia.
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