Trace the evolution of consumer movement in India ? (

At world level the origin of consumer movement was in the form of consumer cooperatives. The first cooperative came in 1904 in Madras but there was not much development till 1962. The objectives of consumer movement were different in India from those of western countries. Objective of Indian consumer movement in 1970 were
  1. Shortage of consumer products
  2. Adulteration and black marketing.
  3. Range of product is less due to lack of technology advancement.
  4. Main focus was on availability, price and purity.
But in recent year there has been change in the objectives and factors, such as
  1. Increasing consumer awareness.
  2. Increasing quality of goods.
  3. Enhancing consumer expectation by educating them about their rights.
  4. Organised efforts through consumer societies.
Now consumer grievances cell has been opened for the protection of consumer interest. Consumer are representatives on a number of consumer welfare committees. These cells are active in urban area but most of the rural areas are still untouched. So there is need to open up more cells so that everyone can come under one umbrella.  

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