traditional and modern methods of -

a. preparation of soil

b.adding manures and fertilizers


e. protection from weeds

f. harvesting

g. storage

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Practice Traditional Modern
1.Soil preparation
2. Adding manure & fertilisers
3. Irrigation
4. Protection from weeds
5. Harvesting
6. Storage
1.Ploughing using animals.
3.Depend on rain and hand watering.
4.weeds are removed manually.
6.Store in houses in natural conditions.
1.Ploughing machine (tractors).
2.Using machines & spray.
3.Use pumps, sprinklers, irrigation systems.
4.Weeds are removed by machines.
5.Using harvestor.
6.Store in artificially made storage systems using insecticides and other prevention methods.

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traditional method of prepairation of soil--- IT IS DONE BY A PLOUGH

modern methods of preparation of soil---IT IS DONE BY A CULTIVATOR

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