transform the sentences as directed

  1. isn't Kiran very tall (change into assertive sentences)
  2. Rita ate her lunch before we arrived. (Change using no sooner)
  3. Isn't the mountain air cool and fresh ? (Change into assertaive sentences)
  4. Please give me two tickets for the film. (Change into interrogative sentences)
  5. The thief ran too fast to be caught by the police. (Change using so ... that)

Kiran is very tall.

No sooner had rita ate her lunch we arrived.

The mountain air is cool and fresh.

will you please give me two tickets for the film?

The thief ran so fast that the police could not caught him.

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aren't the flowers smelling sweet?(change into assertive sentence)
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Go to the check in desk at the hotel immediately on arrival change into interrogative sentence
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I am tall make it assertive
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