"transparency is the most important feature of democracy".analyse

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Transparency is the most important feature of democracy as it ensures accountability of the decision makers to the people they represent. It is one of the pillars of governance and provides it with legitimacy. It means that the manner in which decisions are arrived at and the reasons for which they are arrived at should be known to the stakeholders whom they affect. It provides people with the power to demand answers from their representatives and reduces the chances of corruption.

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it is bcoz people gt to knoe abt the fuctioning of the government.

the decision making process is done under the talks of people which are put up to the government by political parties.

free and fair electins.

right to speak for any caste of people.

no discrimination and thus sccomodation of social diversity.

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Transparency is important features of modern democracy.Without this democracy cannot give good governance, in the absence of which democracy itself suffers from a legitimacy crisis. Although a democracy makes sure that the state makes provisions to provide the right to information to its citizens, mere putting down the commitment on paper is not enough. People should be able to demand transparency and responded to. As long as this provisions is not activated and people while not be aware about it, democracy has no meaning at all. 
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prachi is correct

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