transpiration and photosynthesis compromise each other. Comment.

 Photosynthesis and transpiration both are a compromise for a plant. Transpiration has so many roles to play such as supplying water and minerals to the different parts of the plant by creating transpirational pull, also has a role in evaporatiing, cooling and keeping the cells turgid. Photosynthetic plants that are active requires lots of water and the water demand is so high that it gets depleted through the transpiration process very quickly. The evolution of C4 plants helped in minimising the water loss by increasing the availability of the carbond dioxide and so the same quantity of sugar is made in C4 plants with half the loss of water in comparison to the C3 plants.

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We call transpiration as an indirect measurement of photosynthesis.When the stoma is open during transpirative loss,   CO2 from outside may enter into the cells ,  a limiting factor affecting the rate of photosynthesis.

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In order to carry out photosynthesis, a plant needs to open it's stomata to exchange gases. It turns water and carbon dioxide into glucose. Opening the stomata, though, causes the loss of water. This evaporation causes water to be pulled up from the soil (transpiration).

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