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Try to answer plzz 24- 25. 26. A Car A is travelling on a straight level road With a uniform speed of 60 km/h. It is r0110wed by another car B which is moving with a speed of 70 km/h. When the distance between them is 2.5 km. the car B is given a deceleration of 20 km/h2. After how much time will B catch up With A? At the instant the t.atiic light turns green a car starts with a constant acceleration 2 m/s2. 19. At the same instant a truck. travelling with a constant speed of 10 m/s. overtakes and passes the car. thr bc'ond the starting point will the car overtake the truck? 20. Two Cars are moving irr same direction with a constant speed of 54 kmph starting from two ditlérvnt points separated by 9.8 km. If another car moving is opposite direction meets these cars at an interval Of 6 min. then the velocity of the car moving in opposite direction is. 21. A man running at 10 m/sec observes a bus 16 m before him starting from rest and moving with an acceleration or 2 m/sec2. Find the time taken by a man to He can catch the bus. 22. A man runs at a speed of S m/sec to overtake a standing bus. When he is 6 m behind the door. the bus moves forward and continues with a content acceleration of 2 m/sec2. Find the time taken by the man to go in the door in sec. 23. A car moving with uniform velocity of 25 ms-l chasing another car moving with uniform 04 . The driver brake velocity of 20 ms-l ahead of the first car. Find the relative velocity of the second car w.r.t. the first car. If at t=O, the second car be 200 m ahead of the first car, after what time the first car will be able to overtake the second car? A body completes one revolution in a circular path of radius 20m in 4s. Find the average velocity and speed after 1/2 revolution. A circular path has radius of I km. A person at the center of path move towards East-gate and along the circumference reach North age the displacement is? A particle has displacement 20m in 2s and then takes 900 turn and travels 30m in next 4s. What is the average velocity? 27. A particle covers 1/3 of the total distance at the speed of 30 kmph, 1/3 of the next distance with speed of 40 kmph and rest at a speed of 10 kmph, find average velocity? 28. The barrel ofa shotgun is 0.9 m long, and the shot emerges from the muzzle with a speed of 240 ms-l. Find the acceleration of the shot in the barrel, and the length of time the shot is in the barrel after firing. A body kicks a football up a slope with a speed of 6 Ins-I. The ball decelerates at 0.3 ms -2 How far up the slope does it roll? A sprinter in a 100 metre race pushes off the starting block with a speed of 6 ms- , an accelerates at a constant rate. He attains his maximum speed of 10 ms-l after 40 metre and then continues at the speed for the rest of the race. What is his time for the whole race A passenger notices that a train covers 4 km in 3 minutes, and-2 km in the next minut Assuming that the acceleration is constant, find how fasuhe train is travelling at the end the fourth minute. A cyclist ravels from A to B, a distance of 240 metres. He passes A at 12 ms- maintai this speed for as long as he can, and then brakes so that he comes to a stop at B. If maximum deceleration he can achieve when braking is 3 ms-2, what is the least time which he can get from A to B? A a frnm n c:need Of 30

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Let at time t = 0, the distance between the cars be 2.5 km.

Let at time t = T hrs, car B catches car A.

Car B will catch Car A after 30 minutes.
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