Turn the following into Indirect Speech:

1) The teacher said to the boys, "If you work regularly you will never fail in the examination. "
2) The preacher said, "You should love your neighbor as yourself, for God is love."
3) The policeman said to the theif, ""I have caught you red handed now and cannot allow you to go unless you confess all your previous crimes."
4) The boy said, "I have not been able to finish my work this eventing."
5) The painter said, "This is the most beautiful picture I have painted, but to appreciate it truly you should look into it's soul."

  1. The teacher told the boys that if they worked regularly, then they would never fail the examination.
  2. The preacher said that we should love our neighbour as ourselves, for God is love.
  3. The policeman told the thief that, he had caught him red handed then, and would not allow him to go unless he confessed to all his previous crimes.
  4. The boy said that he had not been able to finish his work that evening.
  5. The painter said that this was the most beautiful picture he had painted, but to appreciate it truly we had to look into its soul.


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