Two boys Anil and Shyam walk in opposite directions for three kilometres. Anil is walking towards east. After 3km each both turn right and walk 3km each. Both turn to face eachother. In which direction is Anil looking?
(a) South
(b) South - East
(c) West
(d) North - East

Dear Student

Initially Anil is walking east, which means Shyam is walking west.
After 3 km, they both turn their right. Anil's right will be south direction and Shym's right will be north direction. After travelling 3 km they turn to face each other. They are at diagonally opposite corner of square of side 6m.  Anil will be facing north west and Shyam will be facing south east. Please recheck your options because answer will be north west for Anil.


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(a) North
(b) North-west
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(c) South- East
(d) West
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