Two men p and q of masses M and m where m is less than M hold light rope passing over a smooth fixed pulley p and q climb up the rope so that the acceleration of q upwards is double that of p downward the tension in the rope is.

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Equation for mass "m":T-mg=m2a ...... (1)Equation for mass "M":Mg-T=Ma ...... (2)Add equations (1) and (2):T-mg+Mg-T=aM+2mgM-m=aM+2ma=M-mM+2mgSubstitute T value in equation (2):Mg-T=MaT=Mg-a   =Mg-M-mM+2mg   =Mg1-M-mM+2m   =MgM+2m-M+mM+2m    =Mg3mM+2m    =3MmgM+2m

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