two sides of a triangle are are 48cm and 70 cm.if perimeter os 154 cm,find it's area.pls reply soon...

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Let three sides of triangle be a=48, b=70 and c=?Perimeter of triangle= Sum of all three sides of triangle154=a+b+c154=48+70+c154=118+cc=154-118c=36Hence three sides of triangle are a=48, b=70 and c=36now to find area of triangle we use heron's formulaArea of triangle=ss-as-bs-cwhere s=a+b+c2putting values of a,b,c we gets=48+70+362=1542s=77Area=ss-as-bs-c=7777-4877-7077-36=7729741=7×7×11×29×41=7×11×29×41=7×13079by using long division method we find the root of 13079 as 114.36=7×'114.36=800.52Hence area =800.52 cm2


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48+70+third side= 154 cm
third side= 154-118= 36cm

then s=a+b+c/2= 154/2=  77cm

then find area using herons formula. ok?
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barabar hai kya?
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