Two spheres of mass 10g and 100g each falls on two pans of a table balance from a height of 40cm and 10cm repectively. If both are brought to rest in 0.1s, determine the force exerted by each sphere on the pans

The data provided by the question are:
 m1=10 gm=10×10-3 kg=10-2 kgm2=100 gm=100×10-3 kg=10-1 kgh1=40 cm=40×10-2 mh2=10 cm=10×10-2 mt=0.1 s
When both the spheres touches the pan then their respective velocities will be given as,
 v1=2gh1=2×9.8 m/s2×40×10-2 m=7.84 m2/s2=2.8 m/sandv2=2gh2=2×9.8 m/s2×10×10-2 m=1.96 m2/s2=1.4 m/s
Now using Newton's second law of motion, the force exerted by each pan will be calculated as,
 F1=m1a1=m1×v1t=10-2 kg×2.8 m/s0.1 s=0.28 NandF2=m2a2=m2×v2t=10-1 kg×1.4 m/s0.1 s=1.4 N

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