1. under what condition does the electron moving through a magnetic field experience max. force ?
  2. under what condition is the force acting on a charge moving through a uniform magnetic field min.
  3. write 1 cond. under which an electric chage does not expereince the force in a magnetic field
  4. how does the magnetic mioment of an electron in a circular orbit of radius'r' &moving with a speed 'v' change when the frequency of revolution is doubled?

For the electron passing through a magnetic field , the magnetic force acting will be given by 

Fm = B e v sinθ
(1) This force will be maximum when θ = 90 degree,such that
Fmax = B e v

(2) This force will be minimum when θ = 0 degree, 1800 such that

Fmin = 0

(3) Same as case (2) or velocity of charge particle = 0.

(4) Refer the following URL


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1. F=Q(V X B) 
when charge has gerater value, magnetic field is strong and velocity is more and yes the magnetic field is perpendicular to the velocity

2.force is min when the charge is moving || to the magnetic field

3. if they are kept at rest

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