under what condition the affinity of rubp carboxylase for co2 and o2 ncrease ?

RuBP Carboxylase-Oxygenase  (Ribulose- 1, 5-bisphosphate Carboxylase-Oxygenase)  is also called RUBISCO. It is the most abundant  enzyme complex  found on the earth. It can  act on the two substrates:  Carbon dioxide ( for carbon dioxide assimilation into glucose during photosysntheis)  and  Oxygen ( causing photorespiration ,  decreasing the photosynthetic efficiency of plants) . The competition between their Carboxylase-Oxygenase   activity is dependent upon the relative  concentration of  carbon dioxide and oxygen and affinity of RUBISCO  for these gases. Fortunately, RUBISCO has more affinity (80 times more) for carbon dioxide than oxygen. Under higher concentration condition of carbon dioxide than oxygen, obviously RUBISCO shows its carboxylase activity . While, under very concentration condition of oxygen than carbon dioxide , RUBISCO may shows its oxygenase activity. 

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