‘Unhealthy population is a liability for the economy’. Justify the statement. {minimum 5 points required}

Dear Student,
The economy of any country depends upon the people and government of the country. People of the country are considered as resources. The quality of the population of a country depends upon some factors like the literacy rate, health of a person indicated by life expectancy, and skill formation acquired by the people. But it can become a liability for the economy of the country if not provided with adequate education and health facilities. Some points are to justify the statement are-
1. Unhealthy people will not be able to create any contribution to the national income of the country. Hence, to keep their health properly is the duty of the government.
2. Article 39 of the Indian constitution says that the health and strength of workers, men, and women, and the tender age of children are not abused and that citizens are not forced by economic necessity to enter avocations unsuited to their age or strength. Therefore,it's the duty of the government.
3. Their employment potential is low compared to literate and healthy people and they earn much less than literate and healthy people.
4. Latest example is corona pandemic where government introduced many health scheme for the treatment of Virus infected people.
5. Ayushmaan Bharat is the world biggest Health Insurance Scheme started by the government to to keep healthy people so that they can contribute to boost economy.

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