Use euclids axioms to prove the following:

Given x+y=10 and x=z . Show that z+y=10.

the given equation is:

x + y =10 ............(1) and x = z ........(2)

subtracting x from the both sides of the eq (1)

[if equals are subtracted from equals , the remainders are equal]

[now add z on the both sides of the equation]

[if equals are added to equals , the wholes are equal]

hope this helps you.


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Hey! Hw zz ya? I think this applies Euclid's 4th axiom "Things which coincide with one another are equal to one another"! I'm, not sure of it though! ;)

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varshini ! thanks a lot :)

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could you pls answer it by applying it in the question step by step.

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Srry fr the late reply! But I'm seriously not sure of this answer!!!!!! So pls dn't depend on my answer! I'm srry :( I'll post this too! Lets see! ISrry again!!

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