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A box is placed on three different surfaces − a marble floor, a cardboard sheet, and a sand paper. The minimum forces required to simply move the box on the surfaces are F mF c, and F s respectively.

The three forces can be arranged in the decreasing order as


A :




F c   <   F m   <   F s


B :


F c   <   F s   <   F m


C :


F m   <   F c   <   F s


D :


F s   <   F c   <   F m


We know the frictional force in case of a smooth marble floor is less than the frictional force on a cardboard sheet and the frictional force is very high in sand paper surface.

So, least force will be required in marble floor and maximum force will be required in sand paper.

Thus, Fm < Fc < Fs

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