uses of terylene

Terylene Is Mainly Used In Making Plastic Bottles And Clothing

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Terylene is a popular form of polyester, which can be drawn into very fine fibres. These fibres can be woven like any other yarn.
PET, or poly-ethylene terephthalate, is another familiar form of polyester, which is used to make bottles, utensils, films and wires.
Polyester is also used for making hoses, ropes, nets, thread, raincoats, fleece jackets, clothing and medical textiles.


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uses of terylene

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It is mainly used in making plastic bottles and clothing. It is also used for making - :- Terylene fibre is used as polyester tricot knitas a fashion garments fabric, laundry usage as a automatic clothing vacuum packaging machine, nonwoven needle punched carpet.
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Terelyen is the type of the fiber which is used to making plastic bottels and cloths
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terylene is a popular form of polyester it is used for making umbrellas, clothes, plastic bottles & etc.
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