using plastic is a desirable or undesirable change.

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Those changes which are desired to occur i.e. we want them to takes place around comes in desirable changes such as germination of seeds, ripening of fruits. On the other hand, those changes which we do not want to takes place such as rusting of iron, souring of milk, comes in Undesirable changes.

Using Plastic is a desirable change, as we want them for use in various plastic storage and household products. 

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Undesirable change
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it dependents on situation. some time may be desirable or some time may be undesirable.
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    Ans: Desirable change:
The changes which are desired(need) to be change are called as desirable changes.
Ex: Change of milk to curd, reopening of fruits…etc
Undesirable change:
The changes which are not desired to change is called undesirable changes.
Ex: Earthquakes, hurrcanes, tsuanmi ...e
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