(v) Identify the subordinate clause and name it:
 Go where you came from.

(vi) Fill in the blank with correct form of the non-finite verb given in the brackets. 
He wants ............... (sleep)

Dear student,

(v) Go where you came from.

The subordinate clause is "you came from".

(vi) He wants to sleep.


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1 where you came from 2 to sleep
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6. to sleep
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Plz name the subordinate clause in question (v)
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answer for 5 is where you come from answer of 6 is He wants tio sleep .
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v. where you came from
vi. He wants to sleep

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The answer of 5 is he wants to sleep.
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(Thank youfor answering) But tell which type of subordinate clause is there in (v) Question
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5 = from where you come      
6 =he wants to sleep
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5) Where do you come from
6) He wants to sleep
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