vakyo ko shudh rup me likiye

1.adhyapak se hindi padayi hei ....

2.kya aap kaa liye he ?

3. keval yaha do log rahte hei .

urgent ..... please help

 1. adhyapak ne hindi padaya hei.

3.yaha keval do log rehte hei.

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3. yaaha keval doo loog rahte hee.

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Rajpal ka suddh rup
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2.kya ap kha liye hai

​thumbs up pls
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Answer: Yes the quote is relevant to the story. Explanation: A Triumph of Surgery talks about the over care of an owner of a dog and it's unfortunatemstances, and both, the dog and it's owner struggle to overcome the situation.14-
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Meting with Anil: The narrator of The Thief's Story' is a thief. He was just 15 years old when he met Anil, a writer of about 25 years. Anil was a tall, lean and thin fellow. He looked easy going, kind and simple enough for the purpose of a thief like a narr
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Angle 7 is congruent. Angle 7 is supplementary. Angle 7 is equal to 45 degrees. Together the sum is 180 degrees. Figo
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