Value based question:

Sanah is student of class IX who is drummer in her school band. All the members of school band wanted to create some special effect on  the stage. Sanah came up with the idea of creating a "fog effect" on the stage during the performance of her band. She asked one of her classmates to put a white solid brick with her hand gloves on in a bucket of warm water kept on one side of the stage.  As soon as this was done, there was a dense white fog on the stage and all the performers appeared to float in. This fog created a magical environment on the stage. Everyone congratulated Sanah for this wonderful feat.

a) What is fog? 
b) What was the white solid used to create artificial fog on  the stage?
c) What is the special property of the above white solid which is used to create that effect?
d) What is the purpose of putting the white solid in warm water?
e) How does this white solid produce the tog effect on stage? 
f) What are the values displayed by Sanah?

Dear student,
i) A  thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface which obscures or restricts visibility.
ii) The white solid used to create artificial fog was DRY ICE i.e. frozen CO2. Dry ice is a very cold substance.
iii) The special property shown by dry ice is SUBLIMATION . Dry ice , when warmed , will directly ge converted to gaseous form from solid state.
iv) The purpose putting dry ice in warm water is to supply heat for sublimation so that solid dry ice can be converted to gaseous dry ice which can produce artificial fog.
v)  When the white solid i.e. dry ice was put into the warm water , the heat was absorbed by the dry ice which helps it to get converted into gaseous dry ice. This gaseous dry ice is very cold so when it gets into the air on stage it causes the water vapours in air to condense and forms fog. This thick layer of moving smoke causes a special effect on stage.

vi) The various qualities are :
  • Awareness of formation of fog
  • Knowledge of sublimation of dry ice
  • Ability to apply the knowledge in daily life
  • Regards

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