value based question

ram and raheem are best friends . raheem goes to ram's house to celebrate Diwali. both are bursting crackers. suddenly, a spark falls on raheem's arm. ram immediately washes raheem's hand and applies a cream on hand.

1. do you think bursting of cracker is good for our environment?

2.which value is shown by ram here ?

I feel that the bursting of crackers is not good for our environment.  Burning of crackers releases toxic gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide as well as fine dust particles.  All these will pollute the air. Firework residue can result in water pollution as residue on the ground can be washed off by rain into water bodies like lakes and rivers.
Ram helps Raheem when his hand gets burnt by washing the burnt site and applying a cream. Ram shows the value of friendship, compassion for a person who is injured, caring for an injured person and helping a person in need.

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no bursting of crackers are not good for are enviironment because it pollutes the environment.

the value shown by ram here is that if are friend is in any problem we should try to think of a solution and help him/her in a way

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