Variation is useful for the survival of species overtime but the variants have unequal change of survival.Explain this statement.

Variations are beneficial to the species than individual because sometimes for a species, the environmental conditions change so drastically that their survival becomes difficult. For example, if the temperature of water increases suddenly, then most of the bacteria living in that water would die. Only few variants that are resistant to heat would be able to survive. However, if these variants were not there, then the entire species of bacteria would have been destroyed. Thus, these variants help in the survival of the species. However, all variations are not necessarily beneficial for the individual organisms.

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variation in a particular niche was drastically alerted and the population had been wiped out . there is sone chance for the survival of of some species which has variation . so , variation is useful for survival of species not the individual.

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variations are the changes in the charactors in a individual during reproduction. during the DNA copy some errors may occur by chance which give rise to variations and passed down to their offsprings.these variations sometimes bring a drastic change in an individual and thus the baby dies.but these variations are also benefited to species in a niche due to sudden changes in the environment

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